Domestic Battery

Fernley domestic violence cases are usually misdemeanors. However, if they involve weapons or serious injuries, or if there has been more than one prior conviction in the last seven years, the case can escalate to a felony. In Nevada domestic violence cases, “serious injuries” means:

Bodily injury which creates substantial risk of death; or serious, permanent disfigurement; or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ; or prolonged physical pain.

Domestic violence charges in Fernley and other areas of Lyon County typically start when someone calls the police. Whether it was a neighbor or bystander who may have heard a commotion, or a family member who made the call, when the police come to the scene and believe a crime has occurred, they are required to make a police report.

Another unique aspect of domestic violence cases is that the police must also arrest the person they decide is the “primary aggressor” (the person who is mainly responsible for the domestic violence) within 24 hours if possible. Once arrested, the person must spend a minimum of 12 hours in jail before he or she can be released.

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